The solution with Netapp and VMware was designed, installed, configured and is still maintained by Be Team Srl

Netapp AFF A 220 storage is used for VMware (NFS) as file server (CIFS) and is replicated via SnapMirror driven by VMware Site Recovery Manager

Access to storage in primary site is segregated by using tagged vlan (using physical switches) for each of the customers dedicated Oracle storage network providing customer dedicated LUNs for Oracle only on their own storage networks.

No VMware firewall functionality is used.

The storage access segregation solution has been validated and accepted by Oracle and t he customer agrees to provide network and storage configuration in the event of a future audit.

Customer is running all servers including database servers on VMware ESXi Oracle databases are isolated on two dedicated ESX servers named ESXi 4 and ESXi 5 These two ESX servers separated from the rest of the VMware farm and not able to use vMotion outside the 2 hosts Virtual Oracle database servers on these two machines are hard locked to the appropriate hardware using dedicated volumes and different VLAN for the access and cannot be moved between different hardware.

Customer’s environment consists of 2 vCenter Servers, 3 cluster (Production Cluster, Oracle Cluster DR) used isolating/replicating volumes and isolated VLAN.

The VMware Site Recovery Manager has been integrated with the two Netapp storages and controls their bidirectional replicas.

Storage Efficiency is enabled on the two storages Netapp.